You are on a site intended to help developers find tools appropriate for their activity. These tools (for a moment self-developed) are for designing web-sites, databases, regular applications etc.

I am (dale) engaged in development for years and from time to time I prefer to write software tools at my own, because standard/third-party tools are too expensive, or too inconvenient, or sometimes work strange (are just buggy), or I couldn't find such products at all (that seems surely strange).

Note that the site is currently being developed so many software tools are being prepared by me to be published (writing docs, installers etc). Wait for more!

The most of the software tools presented on this site are shareware. They are free for non-commercial use but you have to register/buy them if you are profiting from using them. Your support for these products is just for yourself!

What's new:

Apr 05, 2004
New section: InnoSetup Resources, where you can find Russian translations of InnoSetup messages.
Nov 06, 2003
PackageEditor v3.0RC1 is coming soon. PackageEditor is a tool for writing Oracle procedures, functions and packages. Major changes: enhanced navigation (overloaded procedures support), support for Oracle 9i/10g, possibly something else.
Oct 30, 2003
Published Client SSI Generator v1.1 - invaluable tool for testing SSI pages and designing websites based on templates when no SSI service available.
Apr 20, 2003
ProcessExplorer v0.02 (+ source) has been released. Now process and module lists can be [re]sorted by clicking the appropriate column header (ascending or descending).
Apr 13, 2003
The site gradually gets alive. Today I've published ProcessExplorer v0.01 tool along with its source code.
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