Database Tools

I have mainly worked with Oracle DBMS servers, thus most DB tools are also for this DBMS.


Click to enlarge This is a very convenient (for my opinion) developing tool for designing Oracle executable objects (procedures, functions and particularly packages). Its distinctive features:

  • It connects to an Oracle server both through client software as well as by directly accessing server through TCP/IP (this case you don't need to install any additional software on the workstation to connect to Oracle), see picture.
  • PackageEditor has fully customizable SQL syntax highlighting , see picture.
  • Package and Package Body are split to upper and lower editor windows respectively.
  • You can easily navigate package procedures and functions by simply clicking items in Navigation window, this case both upper and lower editors scroll synchronously.
  • PackageEditor has wide variety of editor functions (incl. Search, Replace, Columnar selection, Keyboard macros, Undo/Redo etc), see picture, customizable editor keyboard bindings, see picture
  • It displays object's compilation status; in a case of error you can navigate to error location by simply clicking the error, see picture.
  • It's capable to retrieve object's definition (source code text) from Oracle server, see picture.
  • It allows to open unlimited number of editors of different types at one time.
  • PackageEditor is able to automatically save parameters for all open editors and restore it next program you run it, see picture.
  • It is compatible with existing version control systems (eg, with CVS).

The most popular similar product is T.O.A.D. by Quest Software, but this product is very expensive (appr. $800 Standard Edition), has "too many features", this sometimes results in unstability and from time to time it acts very strange, especially with version control systems. Their words of "intuitive graphical interface" and "low-overhead tool" do not sound convincing... PackageEditor can work in direct mode (without client software installed), is oriented mainly for storing object sources in files (for reliable coupling with version control systems) and is much more intuitive. The drawback is that it is not so good for debugging.

PackageEditor costs $75 (you must buy the software if you are profiting from using it). You can download fully-functional version having no restrictions:
PackageEditor v2.3.0.276 (English) - 1.1 M

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