InnoSetup resources

Here you can find the resources for one of the best installers: InnoSetup by Jordan Russell. Among other things, this installer is free and being actively developed.

I use InnoSetup for all of my distributions.

InnoSetup Russian translations

My Russian InnoSetup translations are published at InnoSetup translations page, but they often get published with delays so I've decided to publish them here.

Starting with InnoSetup version 4.2.2 my Russian translation became official and is included in InnoSetup distribution.

You can download InnoSetup Russian messages by selecting the appropriate compiler version below:

IS version .isl file (size) zip archive (size)
4.1.4+ (16 K) (6 K)
4.1.8+ (16 K) (6 K)
4.2.1+ (17 K) (6 K)
4.2.2+ Included in InnoSetup distribution

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