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This free program is intended for cataluguing your pictures (arranging, searching them etc.). Especially useful for compiling photo albums. PhoA is capable to:

  • Arrange pictures in groups, and groups themselves are arranged hierarchically, like folders in the Windows Explorer.
  • Enter and store picture details (date, place, keywords, film and frame number, description).
  • Search pictures by any existing details.
  • Join, exclude, copy etc. picture groups; it has drag-and-drop interface.
  • Automatically create picture thumbnails and store them in photo album file.

Additionally, program doesn't need to be installed and can be written on a picture CD for convenient viewing them along with their descriptions.

To learn more or download PhoA surf in PhoA homesite.

Client SSI Generator

Client SSI Generator is a complementary tool for web designers and is intended for imitating processing pages by SSI server on the client side. It may be used in cases no SSI service available on HTTP server, and higher-level services are also unavailable (such as CGI, ASP or PHP).

In case you aren't aware, SSI mechanism is extremely useful for creating consistent website design: it is achieved by using templates, which are automatically being built into pages by the server. Just in the case you have no such server (no SSI support on the server or no server delivering HTML content to the client at all - eg, in .chm help files) the program can partially solve the situation by creating SSI content on the designer's workplace. Anyway it's much easier than manually rewrite hundreds of pages when you need to alter main website menu.

The program needs ca. 2 MB free space on the hard drive and 8 MB of installed physical memory (more memory recommended for proper file caching).
Operating system: Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP.

Client SSI Generator software is free for non-commercial use. In case you are profiting from using it you need to register the program by writing email to devtools@narod.ru.

You can download:
Client SSI Generator v1.1 (English/Russian) - 1.2 M

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